FOR THIS week’s reflection on the election, Cadno wants to pay close attention to two of the minority parties chasing your vote.

In the right-hand corner, there’s Abolish the Assembly (sic). In the extreme right-hand corner, we have UKIP’s wreckage and wretched refuse.

Good old UKIP, the cornerstone of their Senedd campaign is immigration policy (natch). Nobody seems to have told them immigration policy is the responsibility of the Westminster Government.

Their election slogan may as well be ‘Gaslighting a Nation’.

If you are an easily offended right-wing snowflake, please look away now.

Abolish the Assembly (no, seriously) intend to abolish an institution they don’t believe should exist by getting elected to it. Undoubtedly, in the spirit of public service that so animates their cause, Abolish MSs will refuse their salaries to save the taxpayer money. If they don’t, any of the swivel-eyed brigade elected will be little more than hypocritical and self-serving scroungers.

In effect, no better than those – from their perspective – they seek to replace.

Speaking of swivel-eyed self-serving scroungers who suck hardest on the public teat, we can then turn to UKIP leader Neil Hamilton.

The Evil Uncle Ernie of politics has paraded his style of bigoted ignorance in the Senedd for the last five years. Now, having decided he wants to abolish the Welsh Parliament, he wants another five years there.

Last week, Abolish apologised for causing gratuitous offence by posting an unflattering picture of Leanne Wood. The message accompanying the post was that Ms Wood was ‘the ugly face of nationalism’.

Abolish apologised.

But Evil Uncle Ernie doubled down. Not only did he lay into Abolish for ‘bending the knee’, but he also re-asserted that the former Plaid leader was ‘the ugly face of nationalism’. He then engaged in some world-class whataboutery that had nothing to do with the subject at hand.

His behaviour has nothing to do with serious electoral politics. Neil Hamilton left them behind long ago.

Instead, he’s like the obnoxious child who farts loudly at a funeral and lets everyone know what they’ve done before cackling with glee as others try to ignore the aroma of impending crap.

Abolish are a terrible joke, but Neil Hamilton and UKIP are nothing more than a rotten stink.

After May 6, both Neil Hamilton and UKIP will be an irrelevance. The MS for Wiltshire will be back in his constituency home, twiddling his thumbs and farting to himself.

Leave him wallow in his own stink.

As for Abolish, if they win a seat, and polls suggest they could, we can expect them to be as relevant to the next Senedd as UKIP was to the last.

Lost in space and out of time.