THE Arts Council of Wales has published a list of the recipients of the second round of the Cultural Recovery Fund. The Fund’s aim is to help the arts sector in Wales to survive the Covid-19 crisis and to remain vibrant, financially viable and sustainable.

The Cultural Recovery Fund is a Welsh Government scheme for organisations and individual artists that have been significantly affected by the Covid19 pandemic. £53million was announced for the first round in August 2020 and a further £30million was made available for a second round in April 2021. Arts Council of Wales managed the element of the fund for eligible arts organisations. 

Companies facing urgent financial difficulties could apply for a revenue grant from the Arts Council of Wales to pay for lost income as well as essential fixed costs such as rent and security, essential building work and any additional costs occurred by staff working from home.  

127 organisations were successful in applying for the fund sharing grants with a total value of almost £8.8million.  94% of applicants were successful in their funding requests and it’s estimated that the Cultural Recovery Fund could help to protect at least 1,800 jobs across the arts in Wales. 

 Dawn Bowden MS, Deputy Minister for Arts and Sport said:

  “The Arts sector has a crucial role to play in revitalising the society and economy of Wales as we relax Covid regulations. We are of course hoping that we will be able to welcome back audiences gradually and safely into our venues and the creativity shown by our arts organisations in adapting to the pandemic has been impressive.  

“However, we’re also very aware that they continue to need our support over the coming months, and we know that the Cultural Recovery Fund will give provide companies with an essential lifeline.”

Nick Capaldi, Chief Executive of Arts Council of Wales said:

“The arts sector will survive the Covid pandemic, that’s been demonstrated by the resilience and creativity of our artists and organisations over the last twelve months and more.  

“However, they also need targeted support to support them financially as they mitigate the impact of the loss of income and work to rebuild audiences and their businesses. The Cultural Recovery Fund has been integral to that process and we will continue to work with the Welsh and UK Governments to distribute funds that will allow the arts sector to thrive once again.”

A full list of recipients can be found here –