NFU CYMRU members from across Wales have helped to bring the union’s asks of the next Welsh Parliament and the next Welsh Government to life in a new digital manifesto.

The virtual lobbying document features video case study contributions in English and Welsh from across the country and outlines the aims and aspirations of Wales’ farmers and rural communities.

Among the priorities and issues highlighted by NFU Cymru in the manifesto are future support policy, bovine TB, water quality, the Wales Rural Development Programme, rural connectivity and public procurement.

NFU Cymru President John Davies said: “With campaigning set to get underway ahead of the Senedd elections in May, it was important for NFU Cymru to set out its key asks of the next Welsh Parliament and the next Welsh Government.

“Given the landmark change and turbulent events we have seen take place over the course of the last Senedd term – not least Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic – it’s absolutely crucial that the next Welsh Parliament and Welsh Government can set a pathway for a more prosperous Wales.”

John Davies, NFU Cymru President

“There is no doubt that a flourishing Welsh food and farming sector and thriving rural communities are an integral element of Wales reaching its full potential.

“Good policymaking should be directly influenced by the people it affects. It is for this reason that NFU Cymru has asked its members to contribute to its manifesto for these elections to help bring to life the subjects and issues that have an everyday impact on their lives and businesses.

“Their personal accounts provide a real insight into the opportunities and challenges facing farming businesses across Wales.

“We believe that the issues raised by members and their asks of the next Welsh Parliament are the best possible illustration of NFU Cymru’s vision for a productive, profitable and progressive Welsh farming industry.

“They show how, in turn, our sector can produce a wealth of benefits for the people and communities of Wales: ensuring a stable supply of high quality, climate-friendly food; supporting Wales’s green economic recovery, allowing nature to thrive; whilst sustaining our rural communities and culture.

“These policies, if taken forward, would deliver growth and benefits not only for our countryside but also for the whole of Wales.

“I sincerely hope prospective candidates take the time to listen to our members’ stories, engage with the union and its membership in the coming weeks and, if elected, they are able to support the policies and actions we have identified.

“NFU Cymru looks forward to working in partnership with our elected Senedd representatives and the next Welsh Government over the course of the forthcoming five-year term.”