MALAN HUGHES, a farm veterinarian has shared photographs of something she has never seen before, a three-eyed calf from North Wales.

During a routine TB test on cattle at a North Wales farm, Malan spotted the four-month-old calf with the extra eye in the middle of it’s forehead.

The calf has no health complaints but it is not yet known if it can see out of the eye which waters and even has an extra set of eyelashes around it.

Malan Hughes said of the discovery: “Vets tend to see all sorts of things – cyclops lambs and animals born with two heads – but I have never seen anything like this before.

“From the outside the extra eye looks fine. It has eyelids and eyelashes, and it is moist too, as if some kind of lubricant is being secreted.

“But it’s impossible to know if anything is going on behind the eye.”

Malan went on to say that the calf should live a “normal life” but the animal itself was destined, like many other cows, for the food chain.

“It does not act any differently from any other calf,” she said.

“As a veterinary practice, we will certainly be treating it with the same care we give every animal.”

Malan, who works for the Y Ffor based Milfeddygon Deufor veterinary practice, also said she did not anticipate the scale of the public interest that her unexpected discovery resulted in.

“I took some pictures of the calf and carried on with my work.

“That evening I posted them on Twitter thinking that only a few of my regular followers would be interested.

“I’ve since had to turn off my phone because of the number of messages I’ve been getting.”