WALES will not have every Covid restriction lifted on June 21, according to comments made by Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford.

Mr. Drakeford, speaking today at the weekly coronavirus press conference, was asked if Wales would be joining England in relaxing restrictions on June 21, he replied: “We don’t follow suit. That has never been the way we have dealt with the whole coronavirus crisis.

“We make the right decisions for Wales and we make them for ourselves in our own circumstances.”

“England will make the decisions that people in charge there think are right for them and we will make our own decisions.

“We will not be lifting every restriction in Wales from June 21.”

The first minister also went on to say that concern about the new Delta variant and fears of a third wave of infections meant that ending all restrictions in Wales was not the correct course of action.

Mr. Drakeford was then asked how he intends to manage a situation where different restrictions are in place either side of the Wales/England border, he said: “We will continue to communicate to visitors who come to Wales about the circumstances that pertain when they come here, we are very used to it by now.”

“We did all of this last summer when people were able to travel into Wales for a holiday and different rules applied in different parts of the UK.

“It is an effort, you have got to make sure that people are given the information they need and are alerted to it by road sign use and so on but the evidence from last year was that people who visit wales are keen to know the rules that apply here and in the vast majority of cases are scrupulous in the approach that they take as well.”