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2021 census figures on Welsh speakers in Ceredigion released

STATEMENT from Elin Jones AS and Ben Lake MP on the 2021 census.

“It’s very disappointing to see a 2% decrease in the number of Welsh speakers in Ceredigion. The decrease shows that there continues to be a very real threat to the long-term viability of the Welsh language in Ceredigion.

And the decline also emphasises the fact that, if it wasn’t for all the efforts to support the Welsh language in Ceredigion, the language could be in a far worse state today.

What’s most disheartening is the 6.5% decrease in 3-15 year-old Welsh speakers. This is surprising given the increase in provision of primary Welsh-medium education in Ceredigion over the last 10 years.

Further analysis of this figure is needed and any information held by the Education Authority on school pupils will be informative in explaining this decline. More encouraging is the stabilisation in the number of adults under 65 speaking Welsh with no significant change since 2011.

We must now redouble our efforts to put measures in place to promote and support the Welsh language. Global economic and demographic forces are at play that will always work against smaller, minority languages. Locally in Ceredigion and in Wales we need to work together to find solutions to counteract these economic and social factors.

The Welsh language belongs to us all and enriches our lives. We all have a stake in its future whether we speak it or not. It’s vital that we protect it for our future generations. The Welsh language differentiates us from the rest of the world, but also enables us to understand multilingualism in a multilingual world. ”