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All the candidates standing in Ceredigion – who has got your vote?

Ben Lake (Plaid Cymru)

Ben Lake, the Plaid Cymru candidate, has been representing Ceredigion since 2017 and seeks re-election to the newly formed Ceredigion Preseli constituency. Lake’s campaign focuses on achieving a fair deal for rural communities, investing in infrastructure, and increasing funding for public services. He emphasises the importance of creating a sustainable economy that prioritises local needs over those of large corporations. Lake has a strong record on public service and environmental issues and aims to continue his work in improving healthcare, boosting the local economy, and safeguarding public services. He also highlights his commitment to working tirelessly to champion the issues that matter most to his constituents, such as public service investment and economic development.

Jackie Jones (Labour Party)

Jackie Jones is the Labour candidate for Ceredigion Preseli. Her campaign emphasises the need for a Labour government to address the economic mismanagement and corruption she attributes to the Conservatives. Jones focuses on tackling the cost-of-living crisis, reducing energy prices, and improving public services such as the NHS. She criticises the current government for high living costs and pledges to bring a fresh start to the constituency with better economic policies and a stronger focus on social justice. Jones argues that a Labour government would work hand-in-hand with the Welsh Government to deliver better outcomes for the people of Ceredigion Preseli.

Mark Williams (Liberal Democrats)

Mark Williams, the Liberal Democrat candidate, previously served as the MP for Ceredigion from 2005 to 2017. His campaign focuses on addressing the cost-of-living crisis, supporting the agricultural sector, and promoting sustainable development. Williams aims to reconnect with voters by offering practical solutions to local issues and emphasising his experience and dedication to the community. He highlights the importance of improving public services, supporting local businesses, and ensuring that the voices of Ceredigion Preseli’s residents are heard in Westminster.

Aled Thomas (Conservative Party)

Aled Thomas is the Conservative candidate for Ceredigion Preseli. His campaign emphasises support for rural communities, farmers, and local businesses. Thomas, who has a background in agriculture and local governance, pledges to address issues such as economic stability, education, and infrastructure development. He criticises the policies of Labour and Plaid Cymru, arguing that they have failed rural areas. Thomas aims to provide a strong voice for his constituency at Westminster, focusing on practical solutions to local problems, such as improving broadband access and supporting agricultural development.

Karl Pollard (Reform UK)

Karl Pollard represents Reform UK in the Ceredigion Preseli constituency. His platform focuses on supporting the agricultural sector, opposing overregulation, and addressing economic mismanagement. Pollard advocates for policies that reduce the burden on farmers and local businesses, and he strongly opposes the current government’s approach to Net Zero policies, which he argues are detrimental to the economy. He highlights the need for practical solutions to help families and individuals struggling with the cost of living, particularly in rural areas.

Tomos Barlow (Green Party)

Tomos Barlow, the Green Party candidate, focuses on environmental sustainability and social justice. His campaign emphasizes the need to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, if not sooner, through innovative and accountable policies. Barlow criticises the current political landscape for its handling of rural community issues and aims to offer a greener alternative that prioritises environmental protection and sustainable development. He advocates for policies that address the severe bus cuts and other issues impacting the most vulnerable in rural areas.

Taghrid Al-Mawed (Workers Party)

Taghrid Al-Mawed is the Workers Party candidate for Ceredigion Preseli. Her platform focuses on returning power to the local population, improving public services like the NHS and schools, and supporting local businesses and farmers. Al-Mawed advocates for policies that reduce reliance on imported food and rejuvenate coastal towns to make them thriving hubs for local communities. She promises to listen to the people and address their concerns directly, aiming to bring significant improvements to the constituency. Her campaign emphasizes community engagement and direct responses to local needs.

These expanded sections provide a comprehensive look at each candidate’s platform and priorities, highlighting the diverse range of issues and perspectives in the Ceredigion Preseli constituency for the 2024 General Election.