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Man attempted to make £10,500 through caravan sale scam

A WEST WALES man who tried to make £10,500 through a fraudulent caravan sale has been given a 26-week suspended prison sentence.

Dean Morgan Evans of Salterns, Tenby, was convicted of two counts of fraud in September last year.

Haverfordwest Magistrates’ court was told that Evans, 40, ‘dishonestly made a false representation’ by stating that he had two caravans for sale. He intended to make a gain for himself of £9,000.

He also ‘dishonestly made a false representation’ in stating he had two caravans for sale, which needed transporting.

By doing this he intended to cause a loss to Hanson European Caravan Transport Ltd and intended to make a £1,500 gain for himself.

Both offences took place in Aberaeron between June and July 2019.

Evans was originally handed down a community order when he was sentenced at Aberystwyth Magistrates Court on September 29 last year.

However, he was in front of magistrates again last week, they heard that he had failed to comply with the terms of the order by failing to attend meetings with the probation service on April 26, August 24 and September 2 this year.

He had also failed to attend unpaid work on March 31.

Evans admitted breaching his community order when he appeared in front of the bench on October 31 and was resentenced for the original fraud offences.

Magistrates handed down a 26 week prison sentence and a 10 week prison sentence to run concurrently, both suspended for 12 months.

They deemed this an appropriate sentence as the offence was ‘so serious’ and because Evans had ‘failed to express willingness to comply with a proposed requirement for a community order’.

Evans was also ordered to pay costs of £60 by the end of this month.