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Nearly 300 people object to proposed 20mph speed limit in Ceredigion

20mph sign (pic: Pembrokeshire County Council)

NEARLY 300 people have formally objected to the reduction to 20mph on many of Ceredigion’s roads in a collection of petitions which will come before senior councillors next week.

Members of Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet, meeting on June 6, will receive six petitions objecting to the reduction to 20mph, totalling 267 signatures.

The Welsh Government passed legislation last July which will see the speed limit on residential, built-up streets reduced from 30mph to 20 throughout Wales. This will come into force in September this year.

There are no roads with restricted status in Ceredigion; the change is being introduced through the Traffic Regulation Order process.

This means that the council needs to conduct formal consultation with the public on all proposed new speed limit arrangements.

Across Ceredigion, approximately 370 locations will be proposed for changes.

Welsh Government says the 20mph default speed limit is expected to result in 40 per cent fewer road collisions, save six to 10 lives every year and avoid 1,200- 2,000 people being injured every year.

One petition received by Ceredigion’s Cabinet states: “There are in excess of 200 names, all local, on these forms.

“I collected these names over at three local functions and they represent a good cross-section of Ceredigion residents. I only encountered one individual that was in favour of the introduction of this restriction as the vast majority were aghast of the restriction.

“Statistically this equates to 99.5 per cent of Ceredigion agreeing that they are against the introduction of this 20mph restriction.”

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Another petition stated: “We are not convinced that reducing the speed to 20mph will have any road safety benefits and will actually increase the amount of accidents.

“In a rural area such as Ceredigion reducing the speed to 20mph will not encourage active and sustainable travel, especially when bus services are reducing.

“There is already consistency in the 30mph in most residential areas.

“Ceredigion needs to stand against Welsh Government policies that are designed to have an adverse effect on our rural communities and increase the cost of rural businesses.”

Cabinet members are recommended to note receipt of the petitions.

At the May meeting of the Cabinet, members received a petition calling for the 30mph zone to remain at the rural hamlet of Stags Head, half-way between Llangeitho and Tregaron.

The 19-strong petition said speed limit reduction could actually increase dangers.

Cabinet members at the May meeting followed a recommendation to note receipt of the petition.