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New Quay RNLI launches on Bank Holiday weekend

ON SATURDAY 25th May New Quay RNLI’s D-class lifeboat launched on service at 5pm tasked to assist a casualty with a suspected broken leg at Coybal beach, near New Quay.

With three crew members on board, the lifeboat made good time down the coast and located the casualty.

Dylan Price, New Quay RNLI helm said: “After locating the casualty, we provided casualty care and with the assistance of our colleagues from New Quay Coastguard we transferred the casualty to the inshore lifeboat. We then returned to New Quay harbour to meet transport to take the casualty to hospital. We wish them a speedy recovery.

“We were also paged for service earlier last Saturday as two paddleboarders were in difficulty in the bay in an offshore wind. However, one of the local dolphin trip boats assisted the casualties and all were safe.”