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No beach bins in seaside town of New Quay, Ceredigion

The Bring Back Better Beach Bins campaign (pic: Facebook)

‘INAPPROPRIATE’ siting of beach bins has created problems in New Quay which has now led to them being removed, Ceredigion County Council has said.

Concerns have previously been raised about the removal of bins from the main beach at the picturesque west Wales town, famed for its expansive sandy beach and population of bottlenose dolphins.

Last month, New Quay Town Council expressed its disappointment at the removal of waste bins from the main beach and the closure of the town’s Sandy slip public toilets.

New Quay Town Council chair Julian Evans said at the time: “The bins are being removed from the main beach due to health and safety of the staff that collect the refuse, as the bins are too large and heavy. Also, the new refuse van is unable to reverse down to the beach to collect the bin bags. Additional bins will now be relocated on the Cnwc instead.”

He hoped beach-users would make every effort to keep the town tidy.

“New Quay Town Council is hopeful that beach users will take their refuse with them from the beach home or to the bins on the Cnwc.

Please let’s work together to keep New Quay clean and tidy for all.”

The removal of the bins has led to a Bring Back Better Beach bins Facebook page being formed, along with a 38Degrees petition page called Replace and improve the beach bins in New Quay, Ceredigion.

More than 1,000 people have signed the petition, created by New Quay residents Chris and Nikki Seal.

It states: “We urge Ceredigion County Council to reverse their decision to remove the waste bins from the beaches in New Quay.”

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It also calls for more robust seagull-proof bins, for these to be placed at the beach and harbour during peak season, and for more than daily emptying of the bins.
Following the beach bin ban, Ceredigion County Council said: “We know that litter bins sited in inappropriate locations can create more problems than they solve. This has been the case with the bins on the beaches at New Quay.

“This is the only location in Ceredigion where we have trialled this, and unfortunately it has not worked.

“They have caused operational difficulties as well as health and safety concerns leading to environmental problems. During the winter months we have reviewed the arrangements for litter bin provision and emptying in the town.

“As a result of the review, we will be making changes during 2023 to have a positive influence on the issues. As well as reviewing the size, type and location of litter bins, we will look to increase the frequency they are emptied during the busiest times.”

It says some 40 bins will be sited in the town, emptied up to three times daily during the summer months.

The council added: “In Ceredigion, the general on-street bins are there for on-the-go litter and bagged dog waste. It is illegal to try and place domestic or trade waste in these bins or fly-tip in their vicinity.

“Unfortunately, these issues have been seen at New Quay. By accepting bagged dog waste in general waste bins in Ceredigion, we are able to increase the level of provision and coverage in the most efficient way possible.

“The reasonable and well-established expectation is that people should use the nearest litter bin or take their litter home with them. This includes when visiting beaches.”