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Record attendance and fantastic trade Christmas dairy show and sale

Auctioneers Halls reported possibly a record attendance at their hugely successful Christmas Dairy Show and Sale at Shrewsbury Auction Centre where in excess of 30 Milker’s sold for £2,000 or more on Tuesday.

Senior auctioneer Jonny Dymond said the top 10 cattle averaged £2,955 as the Bryan Challenor Cup went across the border to a cow – Caran Silver Enid VG87 – owned by Geraint Jenkins of G. B. and H. M. Jenkins’ Caran Herd at Talybont, near Aberystwyth.

“This third lactation cow was described by another prize winning vendor as too good to ever sell,” said Mr Dymond. “The epitome of power, style, balance and milk, she won the Bryan Challenor Cup and went on to sell to the judge at £3,000.

“A great turnout of cattle met a terrific team of buyers. Combined with industry based trade stands, the show and sale were absolutely fantastic.”

A delighted Mr Jenkins, who narrowly missed out on winning the cup three years ago, said: “Of all the Christmas shows and sales, this is the one to win because Bryan Challenor was a very well respected man in the dairy world.

“It definitely helps to have a sash and cup when it comes to getting a good price for your animals. I think £3,000 is a good price because she is a good cow, having already had three calves and will go on to do well for the new owner.

“I started selling at Shrewsbury three years ago because they sell quality cattle here and there is always good demand.”

The presale show was judged by Miles Oakley and Sammie Wilson, from Dorrington, near Shrewsbury. Reserve champion was a heifer, Dilandy Piston Ada, owned by D and AC Shakeshaft which sold for £3,100.

The other prize-winners were: Cows: 2, Meldamar Clarify Celeste 36 owned by J. M. and D. Shepherd which sold for £2,550; 3, Priddbwll Mayday Heather owned by Martin Evans Group Ltd which sold for £2,800 to Mr P. Mcdowell from Staffordshire.

Heifers: 2, Meldamar Bombero Lady Eilwen 92 owned by J.M. and D. Shepherd which sold for £3,050 and 3, Caran Sidekick Mai 2 owned by G. B. and H. M. Jenkins which sold for £2,850.

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“The entry of cows was small at just eight but it was mighty as they returned a staggering average of £2,597, the lowest price being an impressive £2,150,” said Mr Dymond. “It was great to see new vendors Martin Evans Group selling three superb second calves from their Priddbwll Herd from £2,650 to £2,800.

“The heifers provided a jaw dropping show and all the buyers were on top form. The best three sold for more than £3,000, a further three at £2,950 and three at more than £2,800. These nine heifers came from six different vendors.”

Top price of £3,100 went to reserve champion Dilandy Piston Ada, from the highly regarded Dilandy Herd of Andrew Shakeshaft, which sold to an undisclosed Shropshire buyer.

Meldamar Bombero Lady Eilwen sold to an undisclosed flying herd in Cheshire, while Mark Hughes’ Criggion Altavelvet Gayle, giving 33kg, achieved £3,050, selling to Mr Mcdowell.

A pair from the Glamarton Herd of C. V. Whitticase, giving 38kg, and a fresh heifer from toi toi genetics, with a fantastic pedigree from the Unique Cheers family, each achieved £2,950.

Jerseys from Jude Cambidge, giving 25kg, sold to £1,700 and crossbreds to £1,420. A pedigree Hereford bull from P. & E. Williams sold for £2,000, nine outwintered commercial bulling heifers from G. E. Oakley & Sons sold to £820, averaging £760 and a red and white heifer calf from Richard Bowdler Ltd sold for £380.

AI Flask and contents made £380.
Show sponsors were World Wide Sires, H. J. Lea Oakes, Livestock Supplies, N. D. Challenor, Herdvision, K&S Livestock, T. E. & C.P. Ltd, Meadow, Milk Tech NZ, Shropshire Holstein Club, Collinson Bins, The Farm Office, My green Home