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Changes to parking, waiting and loading in Newtown will be effective from May 17

CHANGES to parking, on street waiting and loading bays in the centre of Newtown will come into force next week.

Back in November 2022 the cabinet member for a greener Powys, Cllr Jackie Charlton took the decision to go ahead with a public consultation period on the proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).

The need for the new TRO follows the creation of a one-way traffic system in the town centre last year.

A consultation took place in from December 2 and January 1 on proposals to modify parking bays along the High Street, and to introduce controls to address inconsiderate and obstructive parking near Wesley Street and Broad Street.

But proposals to change parking around Penygloddfa primary school along Llanfair (Caereinion) Road and School Lane had received objections.

Powys county councillor for Newtown West, Cllr Pete Lewington said that he “understands the points raised by the objectors,” on the changes proposed to School Lane.

Cllr Lewington suggested an alternative proposal to allow some on street parking to continue along a section of School Lane outside of school hours.

He supported changing a small section of the no waiting at any time prohibitions along School Lane from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm.

Cllr Charlton

This gave Cllr Charlton two options to ponder.

She was advised by the council’s traffic systems manager, Tony Caine to “note but overrule” the objections and go with the original proposal.

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Cllr Charlton said: “After full consideration of the existing traffic issues in School Lane and considering the proposal made by Cllr Pete Lewington all the objections are noted but overruled. ”

Cllr Charlton pointed out that new legislation which could come into effect next year in Wales which would make parking on pavements illegal.

Cllr Charlton said: “Should there be a need for emergency vehicles, specifically a fire engine after 5pm and before 8am they would not be able to drive up School Lane.

“There is no other access to these properties other than from School Lane which is a no through road.”

The other proposals cover parts of Shortbridge Street and Gas Street between the Post Office and the War Memorial where parking issues have also been identified.

Changes to goods vehicle loading bays will also take place along the High Street.

The TRO will also remove the maximum 20 minutes loading and one hour no return restrictions from the existing bays on Severn Street, Shortbridge Street and Market Street.

The order come into force on Wednesday, May 17.