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Ceredigion Mid Wales

Four sea kayakers in difficulty rescued by RNLI off Cardigan Bar

BOTH Cardigan Lifeboats were paged on Sunday morning (Mar 26) to a mayday call raised by a group of four sea kayakers in the vicinity of Cardigan Bar.

Having launched into heavy surf, the Lifeboats quickly made contact with two of the group, who had made it through the Bar to the area near the Cliff Hotel point.

The kayakers were brought on board and the boats proceeded into a detailed search of the Bar area to locate the remaining two kayakers who had apparently capsized.

One kayaker had been able to make their own way to the waiting coastguard team at the caravan park at Patch.

In conjunction with the coastguard helicopter, the last casualty was located through Cardigan Sound.

This casualty was picked up, complete with kayak, by Cardigan RNLI’s B class lifeboat.

All the casualties were assessed by our crews and handed over to the waiting coastguard team at Patch.

The remaining sea kayaks were also taken to safety and the lifeboats were recovered and made ready for service at approximately 14:30.

The RNLI explained on Facebook that due to the rough sea conditions, the B class lifeboat was recovered using a net recovery (main photo) which allows the boat to drive forward onto the trailer of the waiting tractor rather then reversing.

Back at the boat house the boat is spun around on a turntable and then returned to the trailer so that it is ready for the next launch.