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Local MP joins residents to listen to concerns

CARMARTHENSHIRE Member of Parliament, Jonathan Edwards met with Llandeilo residents on Friday to discuss their concerns regarding a planning application for a proposed residential development on land at Parc Pencrug and Maes y Farchnad, Llandeilo. The application by POBL housing will be for 88 additional properties with one access route.

Jonathan Edwards MP told Herald.Wales: “It was evident that residents are very anxious regarding the proposal and feel that there has been little meaningful engagement with the public during the consultation process. The proposed road access is clearly unsuitable and will no doubt have a negative impact on local residents and the wider community of Llandeilo.

Residents are concerned regarding increased traffic, dust and noise in the area and the fact that the access road closely passes a children’s play area. There are also concerns regarding the access to education, GP and dental services which are already under pressure.

Many local elected representatives are objecting to the proposal, and I would sincerely hope the Local Planning Authority consider all these points whilst determining the application.

Christoph Fischer, Mayor of Llandeilo said: “I’m disappointed that the application put forward hasn’t addressed the main issues and concerns, mainly the unsuitable access road for 88 buildings through one residential road. Without a second access to the new development I cannot see how it could succeed.”

“It breaks my heart to oppose any building development, but looking at the plans filled with Nissan Micra sized cars, I don’t think these are apt.”

“We need real homes and living space. Profit for the company must not come at the expense of that, nor cause traffic chaos in the Parc Pencrug estate and wider Llandeilo.”

“Objections voiced by residents and the Town council have been ignored or brushed away without convincing argument. Several official studies about the area have not been referenced. I’d love to support the development if the builders and planners would put the required effort in to make it really fit into the existing infrastructure.”