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Border vineyard launches new white wine for English Wine Week 2024

A BORDER vineyard has launched ‘Ridgeway’, a new white wine that encapsulates the essence of the region, to celebrate English Wine Week 2024 – June 15-23.

Nestled near Montgomery and established in 2010, the award-winning Kerry Vale Vineyard has been a beacon of viticultural excellence since its first vintage in 2013.

The latest addition to its portfolio is a result of a bountiful 2022 harvest and a collaboration with the esteemed winemakers at Halfpenny Green Vineyard.

‘Ridgeway’ is named after the historic Kerry Ridgeway, a path trodden by ancient drovers which meanders just south of the vineyard, offering panoramic views of Wales to the west and England to the east.

This new wine is crafted from the Phoenix and Solaris grape varieties, known for their resilience and suitability to the English terroir.

Spokesperson Nadine Roach, a member of the Ferguson family who founded the vineyard, said: “Our ‘Ridgeway’ has been gently oaked to achieve the perfect balance of flavour.

“It boasts crisp citrus and herbaceous notes, seamlessly intertwined with undertones of vanilla and a whisper of smoke. The initial response from our soft launch at industry tastings has been overwhelmingly positive and we anticipate that ‘Ridgeway’ will appeal to a wide audience.”

The Castle Hotel, Bishop’s Castle, long-time purveyors of Kerry Vale’s wines, will be among the first to introduce ‘Ridgeway’ to patrons, underscoring the vineyard’s commitment to local partnerships.

Russell Cooke, vineyard owner, said: “This wine is distinct from our other whites, meticulously handcrafted to delight the palates of our growing clientele. With a limited production of just under 1,100 bottles, ‘Ridgeway’ will be available at £16 per bottle, reflecting both its exclusivity and our dedication to accessible luxury.

“The temperate English climate imparts a freshness and lightness to our wines, distinguishing them from international varieties. Our delicate grapes retain subtle, fruity notes often eclipsed in wines from warmer regions.”

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During English Wine Week 2024, which runs from  June 15 to 23, Kerry Vale Vineyard joins a nationwide celebration of English viticulture, showcasing the best of local winemaking alongside a host of events, including vineyard tours, tastings and special offers.

To experience the full range of Kerry Vale’s award-winning wines, enthusiasts can either purchase online, visit the vineyard’s shop and wine café or partake in a vineyard tour, offered until the end of September. These tours provide an informal glimpse of the meticulous cultivation practices that yield the highest quality grapes.

For more information, please visit the Kerry Vale Vineyard website.