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Consultation launched on plans to introduce new parking restrictions in Brecon

Brecon Barracks - where one of several traffic orders to prevent nuisance parking in Brecon could come into force following a consultation (Pic: Google Streetview)

A NUMBER of parking restriction proposals are set to go out to consultation soon in a bid to curb nuisance parking in Brecon.

On Friday, November 17, Liberal Democrat Powys County Council Cabinet member for highways, Cllr Jackie Charlton will take the decision to consult on 19 parking proposals for residential parts of Brecon close to the town centre.

If no objections to the proposals are received the traffic orders will then be implemented.

Cllr Jackie Charlton (Pic: PCC YouTube site)

According to the report the purpose behind the restrictions is to “encourage visitors to the town to use the public car parks instead of residential streets where parking is a premium”.

The report explained that all county councillors for Brecon held a survey in 2020 on parking issues in the town.

The report said: “The ward members carried out a comprehensive survey to ascertain what parking issues they had and 93 per cent of the respondents felt that there was difficulty parking near their homes.

“The survey indicated that it was felt that workers, followed by shoppers and visitors to the town were the main reasons for being unable to park near their homes.”

The survey said that 55 per cent of respondents believed that parking permits for residents would be a “solution” to their problems.

But due to Covid-19 the works were delayed.

The report said: “A second survey has since been carried out and the majority of the respondents didn’t support the introduction of residents parking, so this was removed from the parking review.

“The consultation exercise and implementation of the proposal will be funded from the existing safety schemes budget, the cost will be £4,300.”

In a joint statement all four county councillors for Brecon, Cllrs Liz Rijnenberg, Chris Walsh, Matthew Dorrance, and David Meredith said: “We note the proposals which reflect discussions with officers.

“We welcome the opportunity for the public to comment on the proposals.”

The decision is subject to a possible “call in” for scrutiny by councillors and will not come into force for “five clear days” following the decision.

The proposals are:

U0754 Canal Road – section at the bend and junction with U0754 Cwrt Conway Spur.

U0754 Cwrt Conway Spur – to prevent obstructing access to the bridge.

B4601 Watton – to prevent inconsiderate parking along the narrower section, adjacent to the barracks.

U0802 Rich Way – to replace existing 8am – 6pm to prevent inconsiderate parking obstructing accesses.

U0754 Canal Road – to prevent parking that obstructs access to the car park for larger vehicles.

C0250 Bulwark – proposed no stopping except taxis to replace a section of Limited Waiting.

The existing taxi rank will be removed and a section of disabled parking and a prohibition of waiting at any time (POWAAT) will replace the taxi rank.

U0734 Lion Street – Section of no waiting, loading, or unloading adjacent to Pegasus Lane to prevent vehicles stopping where street furniture is being used by businesses.

U0746 Belle Vue Gardens – three sections of POWAAT to prevent inconsiderate parking at junctions.

U0744 Maescelyn – to prevent obstruction of the junction with Belle Vue Road.

U0743 Cerrigcochion Lane – to prevent parking at junctions.

C0223 Struet – revocation of a section of POWAAT to allow some parking for local residents.

U0835 Honddu Court – to prevent parking on, and around the junction with Struet.

U0721 North Road – to prevent parking at the junction with St Johns Road.

U0719 St Johns Road – to prevent parking at and opposite the junction with North Road.

U0716 Prospect Close – Disabled parking to prevent all day parking from visitors to the area, and to enable vulnerable residents to park close to their properties.

C0037 The Avenue – to prevent parking on the bend adjacent to two junctions, and a section of no waiting, no loading, no unloading 8am to 6pm to prevent abuse of the current restriction by blue badge holders who park there all day.

U0710 Silver Street –to prevent parking on the bend making visibility and access for larger vehicles difficult.

C0160 Ffrwdgrech Road – to prevent parking on both sides of the carriageway underneath the bridge.

C0250 Wheat Street – replace existing limited waiting with additional disabled parking bay.