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Two hospitalised after fire incident in Capel Seion, Aberystwyth

CAPEL SEION, a tranquil village located approximately four miles (6km) east of Aberystwyth, became the scene of a distressing incident on Saturday evening. Emergency services, including paramedics and the local police, swiftly responded to a fire outbreak at a residential property, resulting in two individuals being transported to the nearby Bronglais General Hospital for urgent medical care.

At approximately 21:00 HRS on Saturday (May 27) paramedics from the Welsh Ambulance Service were alerted to the incident and promptly dispatched a rapid response vehicle along with three emergency ambulances. To ensure comprehensive medical assistance, the emergency medical retrieval and transfer service extended their support during the operation.

While the details surrounding the fire incident remain under investigation, Dyfed-Powys Police have been approached for an official statement regarding the incident. Authorities are diligently working to ascertain the cause and any possible contributing factors that led to the outbreak.

The Welsh Ambulance Service stated, “We responded to the emergency with a rapid response vehicle and three ambulances, bolstered by the support of the emergency medical retrieval and transfer service. Our teams swiftly assessed and provided initial treatment on-site before transporting two patients to Bronglais General Hospital for further medical attention.”

The condition and identities of the affected individuals have not been disclosed at this time, as privacy and respecting the families’ wishes remain paramount. However, it is reassuring to know that the dedicated paramedics and medical personnel swiftly provided the necessary care and took immediate action to ensure the victims were transferred to the appropriate medical facility.

As the investigation progresses, local authorities will continue their efforts to determine the cause of the fire and provide any necessary support to the affected individuals and their loved ones. The Pembrokeshire Herald will closely monitor the developments of this incident and provide updates as new information becomes available.