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Welsh Water issues outage update for dry west Wales homes

WELSH WATER says that it has ‘good progress overnight’ and has said that as stated yesterday,’ we have managed to restore supplies to more than 1500 customers in west Wales.’

The company said: “As things stand at the moment we have around 900 properties which are without water and are expecting this to fall further over the coming hours. Approximately 200 of these are in Cardigan where our teams are working hard to restore supply.

“We do gain reiterate that as the systems return to normal, there is the risk of air locks developing which could still cause some temporary supply interruptions. Our teams are already working their way around the system clearing these locks.

“We have also replenished the bottled water stations at Llandysul and Newcastle Emlyn and Cardigan and also have static water tanks at these locations. The tanks contain clean water however customers will have to boil the water before using for drinking purposes and also bring a suitable container to transport the water home.

“We will continuing to work through the day resolving any remaining issues and continue to use our fleet of water tankers to put water directly into the system. Customers can also help by checking any taps not being used are turned off and if they do have a water supply then only use the water they need. Also for agricultural customers to check there aren’t any leaks on their external pipes. This will all help the system to refill.

“We would again like to apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused and thank them for their continued patience.”