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Ceredigion Mid Wales

Woman hit by out-of-control horse at Cardigan’s Barley Saturday event

CROWDS looked on shocked at Cardigan’s Barley Saturday parade this afternoon (Apr 29), as an out-of-control horse broke free from its handler and knocked over a woman in front of shocked onlookers.

The grey horse had been part of the equine procession making its way up the town’s High Street for the second time, with excitement at a high as the steeds and handlers showed off their speed.

According to witnesses, the horse was seen to ‘hurl’ its handler to the ground before continuing to run at a speed twice as fast as usual. “The horse looked completely out of control,” said one spectator. “The parade had begun as normal at around 2pm after a morning of judging. The horse must have slipped its reins.”

As the parade neared its end at around 2:50pm, the grey horse was suddenly heard thundering up the street, prompting shouts from those in the parade. However, one woman, thought to be handling a donkey, was unable to hear and was knocked over by the horse.

“I was so shocked that I swore out loud, and I actually feared for the worst,” said a witness. “The parade was temporarily halted while police, St John Ambulance, and Wales NHS ambulance rushed to the scene.”

Although unconfirmed reports suggest that the injured person was “walking wounded,” Dyfed-Powys Police, the Wales Ambulance Service, and Barley Saturday parade organizers have been contacted for further information. The incident has left many shaken and highlights the unpredictable nature of live events involving animals.