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2,000 flock to National Poultry Show

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 10.45.20THE WELSH NATIONAL POULTRY SHOW brought Pembrokeshire visitors from across the UK.

The 40th Welsh National Poultry Show was held in Pembrokeshire on Sunday January 10. The show attracted more than 2,000 entries. With it being open to the public for just £1 and children going free and hosting regional club members the turn out was massive, reaching a figure only seen three times before in the Show’s history.

Hosted by Dyfed Poultry Society, the show was held at Brithdir Hall on the County Showground at Withybush, Haverfordwest and was open to the general public all day. This year’s Show saw record entries in many sections; notably Softfeather Breeds in Large Fowl and Bantam, Oxford Game, Rare Breeds in Large and Bantam and Large Ducks. Being as the Show was also the British Call Duck Club’s Club Show, it saw a vast array of the colours found in Call Ducks which could not have been seen elsewhere in Britain.

This year they also introduced a themed arts and crafts section, turkeys, Geese and a Graded Sale Section which contributed to make the 40th Show the best of it’s kind in Wales. A spokesperson for the Dyfed Poulty Society said: “A massive thank you is in order to all the judges for carrying out their varied tasks quickly and efficiently and to all the exhibitors for the show preparation they carried out to ensure their exhibits were a treat to look at.”