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24-hour run and walk for SWAT

24 hourA MAN from Haverfordwest will be doing a 24-hour run and walk to help raise awareness for the Save Withybush Action Team. Mark Llewhellin will start on the morning of January 25 on Freemans Way before doing a circuit around town and finishing at Merlins Hill.

Mark told the Herald: “I went out the other day to see what I could do without any proper training and I managed to run and walk between 9-10 hours”.

When he was 16 Mark trained to be in the army, but he failed the 1.5mile run and was voted fattest person in the troop, but that made him more determined to succeed. He added: “I was laughed at because I said I wanted to be a commando but a year later I achieved it and was awarded a green beret.

“It doesn’t matter where you are in life, what your current situation is, you can still achieve great things by setting goals and believing in yourself one day at a time.

“I feel stronger now mentally than what I was when I broke the 100k treadmill world record at 27.”

Mark did not realise how serious the NHS cuts were and says it’s time to take action. He added: “I think Dr Chris Overton and the SWAT Team have done a fantastic job of highlighting the situation. If these cuts go ahead then there will be unnecessary deaths in the county. The reason I decided to do the 24-hour event is because it can highlight the issue and no matter how painful this will be for me it will be still be quite easy compared to losing a child which sadly will happen for many people if we let these cuts go ahead”.

Mark is currently in the process of inviting celebrities with local ties to Pembrokeshire to support the hospital. One of them who he has a tremendous amount of respect for is Christian Bale. Christian was born five days after Mark in Haverfordwest and is now a huge movie star. The event is sponsored by Grill Bar Haverfordwest and Eddies Rocks nightclub.

Mark is hoping that people will join in the SWAT protests so the people can have a say in their families’ future. Five days later, on Christian’s 40th birthday, schools around the county are having a super hero fancy dress fun and sports day to support the hospital.

Anyone is encouraged to join in with Mark on his run and walk on January 25 for any leg of the journey to show support.

For more information you can visit the SWAT Facebook page or they can visit www.pembswat.org.uk

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