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81% of Welsh people superstitious

Superstition or common sense?: Most Welsh people say they avoid walking under ladders or scaffolding
Superstition or common sense?: Most Welsh people say they avoid walking under ladders or scaffolding

A STUDY has revealed that more than four fifths of Welsh people admit to being superstitious – the second highest percentage in the UK.

Only people hailing from the north-west of England are more superstitious than the Welsh, according to data compiled by online lottery company Lottoland.

The poll, which followed the first Friday 13th of the year, asked respondents their thoughts regarding superstitions, and whether or not they played a part in their lives.

The top five superstitions in the UK were avoiding walking under scaffolding and ladders (81%), counting magpies (76%), not opening umbrellas indoors (71%), avoiding breaking mirrors (67%) and the number 13 (62%).

In Wales, most respondents said that they avoided walking under ladders and scaffolding. However, it was not clear whether this was a result of an ingrained superstition or basic common sense.

Of the self- confessed ‘superstitious’ respondents, more than half (53%) admitted that at least one or more of their superstitions were most likely to have developed in their childhood, as a result of a parent or grandparent’s personal beliefs. A further 22% confessed their superstitious tendencies manifested after an incident or experience they’d previously gone through.

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Next, in order to decipher which of the UK regions were the most and least superstitious, as well as the most prevalent superstitions held within each area, researchers looked into the percentage of respondents from each part of the UK that stated they were superstitious, as well as the most common belief held amongst residents of that region:

  • North-West – 83% (Count the number of magpies)
  • Wales – 81% (Avoid walking under scaffolding/ladders)
  • South-East – 81% (Never crack a mirror)
  • Northern Ireland – 79% (Avoid walking under scaffolding/ladders)
  • London – 77% (Avoiding the number 13)
  • North-East – 76% (Never crack a mirror)
  • West Midlands – 74% (Count the number of magpies)
  • East of England – 73% (Never open an umbrella indoors)
  • Yorkshire and Humberside – 73% (Never put new shoes on the table)
  • Scotland – 72% (Count the number of magpies)
  • East Midlands – 70% (Avoid walking under scaffolding/ladders)
  • South West – 68% (Never crack a mirror)

Dan Hawkins, of www.Lottoland. co.uk, said: “Whilst many Britons would no doubt laugh off the idea of the supernatural, ghosts or psychic abilities, it is very interesting and telling just how many traditional superstitions are actually still ingrained in the minds of Britons, and part of their daily lives.

“Many superstitions can be traced back to an older relative holding on to superstitions throughout their childhoods, whilst some are manifested as a result of a previous experience, and the internal need to protect oneself from any future harm.”