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Age is no barrier for marathon debutant

age no barrierFOR 63-year-old Pembrokeshire resident David Gardner age is truly just a number as he embarks on training for his first marathon in April 2014 on behalf of WWF.

“I used to do a lot of running but never considered attempting a marathon before. I haven’t run regularly for a long while but have always thought of myself as being fit.

“When the WWF mailshot popped up in my inbox about their vitally important campaign against oil exploration in Virunga National Park and offering Brighton marathon places to raise funds, it sparked a thought that this was something useful that I could do.

“Why not? It was a good excuse to get fit, challenge myself, get my family involved and raise money for a worthwhile cause all at the same time,” David said.

A long-term supporter member of WWF, David has encouraged his grandchildren and nephews to support the charity.

“I’m hoping that some of them will be coming to Brighton to watch me run, but it is a long way from home.

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“I think I’ll need all the support I can get though my brother Richard has signed up too so it is going to be a family affair. He’s younger and fitter than me and hasn’t been struck with injury so I expect him to run a faster time than me.It won’t be competitive though,” David said with a smile.

The first hurdle David is having to overcome is a knee injury that sprang from nowhere.

“The last time I ran was in October last year along the Australian coast. It was beautiful and I had no trouble at all, but when I started training this year my knee went. It is typical, I’ve never had problems with it before.

“I’m getting help from a chiropractor for it but I think there’s a chance I’m going to need an operation which has meant that training is on hold temporarily. I’m not a quitter and now that I’ve had the idea to run a marathon I’m absolutely determined to crack it,” David said.

“Will I stop after the Brighton marathon? I doubt it. I love a challenge. Maybe next time I’ll follow one of my other passions and walk an Inca trail or climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The sky’s the limit when it comes to
making a difference and supporting good causes,” said David.