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Cardigan Foodbank amazed at response

People are realising the hardship around us: Donations without plea.
People are realising the hardship around us: Donations without plea.

CARDIGAN FOO DBANK has been overwhelmed with the support they have received through this year’s Harvest Festival celebrations. Around 1,250 kilos have been collected on behalf of the foodbank by 18 different churches, chapels and schools. “To say that we have been flabbergasted is somewhat of an understatement,” said Phil Buckman, Manager of the Foodbank. “Every Harvest Festival season we have received donations from a handful of organisations but never this many.

It is incredibly moving and of course so encouraging that so many varied groups decided that they wanted to support our cause, which, as we’ve said many times before, is never ending. The shelves always need topping up and when we receive this amount it means that New Life Church, our host, do not have to use their funds to keep us going. More the point it appears that even more people are now realising that we are in desperate times and more of the same to come. Having helped more people this year than previous years we believe we’re here for a long time to come.”

From as far north as Aberaeron and beyond, out further than Newcastle Emlyn, across the Preselli’s and south as far as Fishguard people have recognised the need and without so much as a plea from the Foodbank they have all decided on their support this harvest time. The generous people of Cardigan and across the three county region, have enabled the Foodbank to continue to help those that find themselves in crisis, requiring an emergency food parcel to get them by.