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Children find dirty nappies on beach

dirty nappies on beachCHILDREN FROM St Marks School in Merlins Bridge were shocked to find two dirty nappies at one of the county’s most beautiful beaches.

The young people were taking part in a litter pick at Freshwater East, as part of the Dragon LNG Darwin Experience education programme. The Darwin team take about 10 schools per annum to beaches across the county in partnership with Dragon LNG and Keep Wales Tidy.

“The hundreds of pupils we litter pick with each year are always horrified by the amount of litter we find, but they are particularly upset when they find dog mess in bags left lying around, cigarette butts, and dirty nappies,” says Darwin Manager Marten Lewis.

The litter picks are part of a wider educational programme in partnership between the Darwin Centre, Dragon LNG, Pembrokeshire College and the local authority, working with thousands of young people every year to help them understand the world around them.

The science and engineering field trips and workshops have been offered to schools in Pembrokeshire for free for nine years and have shared £500,000 worth of funding with every school in the county. Astonishingly the nappies were found less than five metres from a bin, and the children found it difficult to understand why someone would do such a thing.

“A word that many pupils used was selfish, and I think that is a very good description of the type of people that would leave nappies, dog mess, and cigarette butts on a beach.

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“Littering at any level is selfish and a blight on our beautiful county, but to discard dirty, smelly, and even poisonous waste shows an incredible disregard for others and our environment,” added Marten Lewis.