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Christmas message from Commissioner

Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner, David Salmon: Carried out inquiry into effectiveness of CCTV cameras.
Christmas message from Chris Salmon: Keep your valuables safe

DYFED-POWYS POLICE and Crime Commissioner, Christopher Salmon is asking the public to enjoy the holiday season in a responsible manner and to steer clear of difficulties. Dyfed-Powys Police are reminding the public to keep their valuables safe, not leave goods on show in vehicles, leave a light on when you’re out after dark, look after one another on nights out and not to drive and drive. They are also reminding everybody that you have a right to feel safe in your own home – and if you are the victim of domestic abuse there are people who can help.

Mr Salmon said: “I am funding a new £500,000 service to support victims of domestic abuse. It will see five new support workers help reduce the risk of abuse and increase the safety of victims in our four counties.” The service will be provided by a partnership of Welsh organisations on Mr Salmon’s behalf. He added: “Moreover, early next year I plan to launch a new service for all victims of crime – an online directory of those who can help victims battle back after suffering the trauma of crime. “I thank those of you who have helped me in my role this year.It’s a privilege to visit communities across Pembrokeshire to hear what you want from your local criminal justice agencies.” 

The police force has created 30 new officer posts and next year, thanks to new IT, officers will spend 100,000 extra hours on the beat across Dyfed- Powys. There’ll also be an improved police helicopter service, two new road units to help those in mental distress at incidents, two new rural rape crisis centres, a new single point of contact to report concerns with the police or my office, better websites from me and the police – and yet more focus on community policing. Mr Salmon said: “Among the communities in my sights is Saundersfoot, where I’d like to vacate the police station and offer a new arrangement for local policing.

Two other police stations – Tenby and Narberth – are within 10 miles and the police force are investing in new mobile police stations. “I’ll also be looking to make progress on two other key pieces of work – the future of police bases in Fishguard and St David’s. Both police stations remain open but I’d like to fi nd alternative locations in the same communities.” In Fishguard, alternative space has been identifi ed in the Town Hall, and Mr Salmon has been talking to the County Council about the possibility of basing offi cers there, but is yet to identify fi rm opportunities in St Davids.