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Church thanks Herald readers for £5000

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St David’s Church: Hundleton

THE RECTORIAL BENEFICE OF MONKTON’s Reverend Geoffrey Howell, has written into The Pembrokeshire Herald to thank the readers for contributing to them raising £5250.

At the beginning of November, St David’s church in Hundleton which first opened in 1893, was in over £9 , 000 in arrears with what they needed to raise to meet the payment of Ministry Share to St. Davids Diocese and the local running costs of Monkton Rectorial Benefice, which they are a part of. Revd Geoffrey Howell said: “I thank your readers, who have recently contributed so generously towards our Pledge Appeal to keep St. David’s Church, Hundleton”.

At the beginning of November when St. David’s owed over £9 , 000, the Monkton RB Parochial Church Council decided that, unless this deficit was reduced by £5 , 000 before December 31, it would be necessary to begin taking steps to close St. David’s. In an attempt to resolve the deficit of funds the Friends of Hundleton Church launched an appeal for pledges to enable them to keep the church open, it was at this point the Herald helped them publicise the appeal.

As a result, £5250 was received by 4 January, with more expected. “This is a wonderful response.” Revd Howell said “As a direct result, the Parochial Church Council has now resolved not to initiate closure proceedings. The surplus we have been given beyond the £5000 target will be invaluable in reducing the outstanding debt, and we are very grateful for every penny that your readers have generously given.”

He also added: “We know that St. David’s is only one of many churches and charities facing difficulties in these challenging times. We pray and trust that the splendid generosity of everybody who has made a gift will enable us as Christians to continue to serve the needs of the community in the growing village of Hundleton.”