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‘GoSafe’ to and from school

Enforcing 20mph speed limits: GoSafe’s newest campaign will help protect the safety of children

Enforcing 20mph speed limits: GoSafe’s newest campaign will help protect the safety of children

GOSAFE recently announced details of their newest ’20mph Outside Schools’ campaign.

Commencing for a two-week period beginning last Monday (Jun 13), GoSafe will be at the roadside, enforcing speed limits outside schools in a bid to improve child safety.

On Friday (Jun 10), Nicky Grist, the Rally Co-Driver, visited Cross Hands to help launch the campaign and also to talk about the upcoming rally stages which form part of the British Rally Championships on July 9 and 10.

There was also a launch at Cross Hands School on the first day of the campaign, where residents were able to see GoSafe’s safety cameras in action.

Chris Hume, Partnership Manager at GoSafe, said: “Our continued focus on 20 mph limits around schools is part of our commitment to safer communities, and to protect the most vulnerable road users; our children.

“20mph speed limits are a routine part of everyday driving now, but we still see flagrant discard of those limits, particularly at key times such as when children are going to and from schools.

“We want the support of all drivers, and we want compliance with 20mph limits to become the norm.

“Our aim is for everyone in Wales to understand the effects that those exceeding the 20mph limit can have on family and friends.”

GoSafe are committed to the reduction of casualties on Welsh roads, and conduct regular campaigns in 20mph zones in order to influence the behaviour of motorists.

PC Ian Price, the Officer in charge of the two week campaign, said: “There remains a number of motorists who choose to ignore 20mph speed limits and some believe the myth that GoSafe and the Police cannot enforce within a 20mph limit.

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“There is a particular need to dispel this myth especially within the vicinity of schools. During this two week campaign you will see Speed Reduction Officers and Police Officers across Wales providing reassurance to schools and their communities in being visible at key times of the day.

“I ask that the public support this campaign and help make our roads safer.”

Susan Storch, Chair of Road Safety Wales, said: “Children are potentially amongst the most vulnerable road users because of their age and lack of experience in certain situations.

“Reducing speeds outside schools will encourage children to walk and cycle to school, reduce congestion and improve the residential environment.

“Working with our partners in GoSafe we want to remind drivers and riders that lower speeds provide a safer road environment.”