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Hakin pupils learn all about otters

pupils learnCHILDREN from year five of Hakin Community School recently took part in Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust’s Otter and Education project, with a lively classroom session followed by field visits to Broadhaven North beach and Treffgarne Angling Centre.

The visit to Broadhaven beach followed on from the classroom session, learning about the lifestyle and habitats of otters. The children also learned about the otter’s special adaptations such as their dense waterproof fur, webbed feet and long, wide tail by observing the pelt of an animal.

During the Treffgarne Angling Centre visit the children learned about the otter’s river habitat, the invertebrates living in the river bed and the many different creatures to be found in grassland, scrub and woodland nearby.

Following a riverside nature walk the children drew pictures of otter habitats and leaves from the woodland nearby and our project sponsors helped to judge the top six drawings.

Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust’s Otter & Education project is now in its 4th year and thanks to sponsorship from South Hook LNG and Natural Resources Wales, this year 219 children from nine schools took part.

“These were excellent visits which the children really enjoyed. They learnt so much about the habitat and lifestyle of local otters, as well as developing keen observation and thinking skills” Mr Nick Dyer, headteacher, Hakin Community School.