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Helen becomes resident artist in the Loire

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Emlyn artist Helen Elliott: Painting in the streets of France

THE FIRST International Festival of Naive Art will welcome a Welsh guest this year as the Mayor of Saumur in France will receive artist Helen Elliot, from Newcastle Emlyn, as an Artist in Residence. 

The festival will see artists from over 40 countries represent their nations over a period of six weeks.

Helen is situated in the Loire region of Western France, and has a fantastic location at her and her canvas’ disposal. She has been painting ‘live’ in the medieval streets of Saumur, a historical town in Loire. In addition, she has displayed a number of new paintings in an exhibition at the Théatre le Dôme Gallery.

“It was an honour to be asked to be Artist in Residence,” said Helen. “It’s a thrill to be here in the heart of the Loire valley, surrounded by chateaux, sunflowers and vineyards. Everything is sun-drenched. Warm yellow ochre stone dominates the landscape, punctuated with vibrant bursts of sunflower gold, rows of deep viridian vineyards, and the sensuous mauves of the Loire itself.

“There’s so much to paint; Saumur’s weekly market, the world famous Cadre Noir equestrian centre, the wine-growers in the vineyards and the beautiful old farmhouses.

“There’s a lot of interest in the town about the Festival, from art-lovers, locals and holiday-makers alike. The residents in particular take great pride in seeing their town brought to life on canvas.

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“I’m talking to everyone and explaining the exhibition and my work – although my French isn’t very good!”

As part of an international group of ‘naive’ artists, since 2008 Helen has exhibited annually in Europe, and in 2012 she visited Paris for a solo show at the International Museum of Naive Art. Last year, Helen spent a month as Artist in Residence at Vallauris, near Cannes.