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Independent chapels call for political tolerance

JESUS CHRIST was unjustly executed as a political rebel

As campaigning for the Senedd elections starts this Easter, a Welsh Christian leader has appealed for politicians to avoid using language which might cause resentment or hatred.

“The crucifixion of Jesus on the trumped-up charge of trying to make himself ‘King of the Jews,’ as alleged by a sign on his cross, was the murder of one who spoke truth to power,” said the Revd Dyfrig Rees of the Union of Welsh Independent churches.

“The political and religious leaders of his time on earth manipulated public opinion to stir up hatred against him.

“Today’s politicians have a responsibility to avoid using inflammatory language which might demonise individuals or certain sections of society.

“Tolerance is central to Christianity and all other civilised beliefs and ways of thinking.

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“As we debate the political issues over the coming weeks, I appeal for people to tolerate all reasonable points of view.”