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Llandeilo community projects receive funding

ON THURSDAY, March 3, the Llandeilo Community Action Hub held a public ceremony to crown the winners in the Llandeilo Participatory Budgeting Pilot Project. The public of Llandeilo had been to the ballot box last week to decide which of seven grassroots community projects put forward would get funded. More than 600 votes were cast online at the Connect Carmarthenshire website and about 250 votes were collected in person.

£ 12,863.40 were available for this innovative process in community funding, money coming from Government, Llandeilo Town Council, the Llandeilo Round Table, Bush House Veterinary Group, Shufflebottom LTD Safer Homes and Communities, Carmarthenshire County Council, Welsh and many private donors. The money was enough to fully fund the two projects with the most votes and winners were announced and presented with their cheque by Mayor Rob Jones:

A Welsh language library and wellbeing Hub at Ysgol Cymraeg Teilo Sant with a bid for £7,268 received 248 votes and the Boxing Club Llandeilo group with a bid for £4,570 received 220.

“I’m really looking forward to get started on the practical side of the project,” said Maureen Williams, headteacher at Ysgol Cymraeg Teilo Sant. “A purposeful area for present pupils, future pupils and children in the community to enjoy and learn in an environment that shows respect towards children with a warm community feeling”

Carl ‘Woody’ Lewis from Llandeilo Boxing Club was equally enthusiastic: “First of all thank you to everyone who voted, I can’t wait to get Box of Fists boxing club started, Llandeilo has a big antisocial behaviour issue at the moment so I’m hoping the gym will give them a place to let of some steam and learn some discipline. Even if I can help develop a handful of youngsters then the project will be worthwhile.”

“It’s been fantastic to see so many community groups come up with excellent ideas and deserving projects,” says Action Hub Chair Christoph Fischer. “A huge shame we couldn’t get all of them full funding but we are determined to assist those who missed out to find funds. After all, they are local community projects from Llandeilo people directly for our community.”

“It’s been a very rewarding process to be involved in this project, helping groups who have a real passion for Llandeilo, and changing Llandeilo for the good,” adds Action Hub star volunteer Owen James. 

“The team has been fantastic since the beginning, getting a real variety of groups and organisations involved. To have the opportunity to award £10,000+ is very rare, CAVS picked the right town for the project! Diolch yn fawr I chi, y gwirfoddolwyr, y grwpiau, y cefnogwyr, CAVS ac I Christoph am y gwaith gwych ar y prosiect. Pleser I bod yn rhan ohono. Diolch.”

“Working with Llandeilo community on this pilot project has been such a worthwhile and valued experience,” says Jamie Horton Community Volunteering Development Officer at CAVS. 

“The very nature of a pilot suggests that there might be hiccups and learning curves, and for me, this has culminated in an incredible announcement event. Every community has its own ways of working together and to support these needs we had to be flexible and creative.  CAVS has a history of partnership working with Llandeilo and I am certain that this positive outcome will lead to more co production opportunities.  I would also like to thank, and acknowledge, the ‘behind the scenes’ volunteers who helped bring this vision to life. This piece of work has been by the community, for the community, in every aspect.  All participants were worthy contenders and will hopefully take up our offer to support with alternative funding streams. Thanks and congratulations to all.”