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Lucy’s Kilimanjaro challenge

lucy's challengeAT THIS MONTH’S meeting of Wolfsdale Chapel Fellowship, Lucy Hancock, of Midway Farm, Roch gave an extremely interesting, informative and amusing talk on her climb of Kilimanjaro in aid of Alzheimers Society.

She explained how she had prepared for the adventure, and how challenging the climb was for herself and her team members.

“There are”, she said, “several trekking routes by which to ascend and descend Mount Kilimanjaro which can be done in six or seven days. People who wish to trek to the summit are advised to undertake appropriate research and ensure that they are both properly equipped and physically capable.”

Though the climb is technically not as challenging as when climbing the high peaks of the Himalayas or Andes, the high elevation, low temperature, and occasional high winds make this a difficult and dangerous trek.

Acclimatisation is essential, and even the most experienced trekkers may suffer some degree of altitude sickness and all trekkers can expect to experience considerable discomfort, typically shortage of breath, hypothermia, and headaches.

Lucy’s fundraising efforts have achieved in excess of £1,300 and she is still accepting donations personally, or through www.virginmoneygiving.com/LucyHancock