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Review: Flamingo Bingo, a carnival of colour and chaos

BINGO may sound like something your Nana would do on a Friday night at the local social club, but unless your local includes smoke machines, loud music, and confetti cannons, Flamingo Bingo is a whole different game.

What a sight I was greeted with as one of the last people to arrive — The Parkhouse Centre, Withybush on Easter Sunday (April 17) evening full of Pembrokeshire people drinking and singing their hearts out, all ready for the night ahead. We were given our books and bought decently priced beers in quantity and shoved them under our arms before making our way to our table.

Dancing and singing followed, with djs Jack Evs and Jonno T warming up the party mood with cheesy pop and upfront house music. By 8 p.m., the venue is hopping, with girls dancing around their tables.

The evening’s MC, Steve Bartram, then took the stage with his guitar, playing major sing-along hits like Delilah and that one Stereophonics song everyone knows before putting the crowd in line for the bingo!

The games function similarly to traditional bingo, or at least how I imagine bingo to function despite never having played it myself. There are five games in all, and each has two opportunities to win: the first is to earn a full line, and the second is to get the first full house. The numbers come in thick and fast, so focus is required, but there are plenty of dance breaks as well.

I had come prepared with my own sparkly bingo dabber, a dabber I will never use again because after the many bottles of Corona I consumed, I lost my poor dabber amongst all of the confetti that fell from the ceiling that night. This fast-paced game is a whirlwind and obviously it’s tough to keep track with the game after a couple of beers. But it was totally worth it!

According to what I’ve heard, most bingo in the UK is played in silence with the grannies, with no music playing and a monotone voice reading the numbers, but this event has entirely transformed the game.

After every three to four numbers called, an absolute classic song (imagine Mousse T’s- Horny) was blasted out every time 69 came up then every single person was up on their feet dancing away. Wow, what an atmosphere! Every single person in the Park House Centre Haverfordwest, had a smile on their face, including the security! 

With multiple false calls and faces in the spotlight, the game is like a marathon, with opportunities to win wacky prizes like a vacation to Bendidorm, a Henry Hoover, along side many other prizes…I mean who doesn’t want to take a Henry Hoover home at midnight?

This night is not to be missed! 5/5

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EXCLUSIVE: The next Flamingo Bingo at The Park House Centre, Withybush will be held on the 25th June, with info TBA, tickets will be available soon, keep an eye on their Facebook page HERE