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Rising energy bills targeted

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 15.15.33MENTER CWM Gwendraeth Elli has a new initiative targeting the worrying trend of spiralling energy bills and fuel poverty.

Local Energy Action was started over the winter to help empower local people and communities to take charge of their energy bills.

The initiative will help people get energy literate through an energy efficiency training programme and will help people to start their own fuel clubs in order to save money energy bills.

Project Officer Paul Thomas said: “We are keen to get neighbours talking to each other about their heating bills and get them working together for their own good. It’s surprising how many people out there are struggling to heat their own homes and are baffled by their utility bills. Local Energy Action is here to help people tackle these issues.”

“We have worked with Saron Hall Bynea and have helped them reduce their energy bill by over £550 a year!! This included a £336 refund from British Gas.It is quite apparent that Utility Companies are taking long term customers for granted and are not giving a good deal. Come along to meet us on Tuesday 12 April between 2-5pm at Saron Hall Bynea bring your bills so we can look over and advise.