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Rowers complete oar-some challenge

rowAFTER MONTHS of intense training throughout January, a team of twelve Llanion Warriors rowers set off on May 2nd to travel to Eire to tackle the arduous Celtic Challenge. This biennial event pitted 23 crews from all over Britain and Ireland, against each other, over the 100k overnight course from Arklow to Aberystwyth. The Warriors team had a mix of old hands and rookies and was led by the club’s Chairman Richard Jelley, and the other crew included George Young, Steve Clack, Chris Harding, Phil Langston, Debbie Willington, Sarah Parker, Gavin Brace, Rachael Hughes, Carole Langston, Dave Hamlet, and Amy Lawrence. The team was grateful to the Sunderland Dive Group, who kindly loaned their rib for transfers at sea. This year the charity pot will be equally divided between Mencap Gardens (Stackpole) and The Paul Sartori Foundation, and Santander Bank (Pembroke) has agreed to match fund the efforts The team were pleased to have achieved a 13th place in a field of 23, in a time just over 22 hours. The club will be holding a celebration night at Cresswell Quay, on Friday, May 30th, starting at 5.30pm. All proceeds from this evening will be used to swell the charity fund and there will be a BBQ and other activities.