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School celebrates Roald Dahl

SchoolCelebratesYEAR seven pupils at Milford Haven School have been celebrating the works of Roald Dahl.
To mark the author’s birthday, the school produced food and drink all of which were taken from many of his books.
There were Bogtrotter cupakes, Snozzcumer crackers and even Stinkbug eggs. To drink, pupils had a choice of Frobscottle or James’ peach juice.
There were also a number of activities that the pupils could be involved in while one lucky winner was the recipient of two Roald Dahl books
Finally, there was a demonstration from two volunteer scientists who showed how George made his marvellous medicine.
The school have put a real focus on reading as it has been revealed that many children do not have books available to them at home.
The celebration day brought the books to life and allowed the kids to explore their imagination.