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Support for Catalonia shown at rally

A RECENT rally held in Llanelli town centre highlighted the violence suffered by the people of Catalonia at the hands of the Spanish Police.

Organised by YesCymru, the rally attracted a number of people, along with support from passers-by.

Peter Freeman, Chair of YesCymru Llanelli group said: “The aim of today was to show our support for the people of Catalonia and get independence for the small nation. The support today has been one of curiosity and interest. It was a demonstration to show the flags and declare our support for Catalonia and of course our own desire for independence.

“Today’s event was planned through the social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter and was extremely spur of the moment because of what has happened in Catalonia. Things developed so quickly and so brutally that we knew a declaration of independence is soon forthcoming so we’ve had to move swiftly to get this together.

“The group was started up around a month ago and I was asked to be Chair. We don’t have an actual physical base, however we get together wherever and whenever we can. We aren’t a talking shop. YesCymru is a grass roots movement that does things, we want rallies and events in the future. This isn’t a set up to win votes or try to persuade individuals to be politically correct. We’re here just to say that we want independence.

“YesCymru’s launch had over 30 people attend less than a month ago. A small group of us got together to form a steering committee, two of whom aren’t members of any political party whatsoever. That’s something that I’d really like to emphasize is the fact that this isn’t a party political movement. There are people in YesCymru from all political parties based simply around the idea of independence.

“Our group is mixed gender and we’re always looking for new members to join and support us. There is membership with membership fees. Please be with us at our rallies, sing and speak with us.

“Our next meeting is October 25 at Y Lle in Old Castle Road, it starts at 7pm and everyone is encouraged, and more importantly welcome, to attend. There shall be guest speakers in attendance, we haven’t determined who yet but our secretary is currently working on it.

“We don’t want this to seem as a front for Plaid Cymru or any other political party. We aren’t looking to give an electoral platform to anyone. We want genuine and honest speakers on how they feel that the future of Wales is. That’s what we’re about!”