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Tall ship bids bon voyage

tspelicanTHE TS PELICAN left Milford Haven last Wednesday after its first appearance on Sunday in the Seafair Haven. 

The Pelican arrived from Liverpool and offered two days sailing that gave locals the chance to see the port of Milford Haven like never before. She is now sailing back to Liverpool, offering places for people so they can enjoy a short taster of what it is like to be on the beautiful sailing ship. The Pelican is kept by the Adventure Under Sail charity, which formed in 2008 with the view to support and encourage young people to participate in sail training voyages. Becky Simmons, from Adventure Under Sail, told The Herald: “We had an enthusiastic group of eight trainees on board for the voyage from Liverpool to Milford Haven, made up of various ages and from all walks of life. We left Milford Haven on the 3.15pm tide, with a group of nine trainees on board, and are currently sailing back to Liverpool.” The Pelican was built in France in 1946 and served as an Arctic trawler and coastal trading vessel until 1995. Her conversion from Arctic trawler to tall ship was complete in 2007, and she now sails thousands of miles each year offering people the chance to participate in the “Pelican Challenge”. The Pelican has no equivalent among square riggers. Traditionally rigged with three masts, Pelican’s unique main mast Barquentine rig and sail plan in derived from the Barbary Coast pirate ships. Her beautiful clipper hull gives her unique performance to windward and a great turn of speed. Miss Simmons added: “We very much enjoyed our time in Milford Haven. It has beautiful countryside and the dock area is very picturesque. This was the Pelican’s first time in Milford Haven, and we hope it won’t be our last. Thank you to Martin Sykes and Alexandra Lort-Philips for their help at Seafair Haven, and to the people of the town who made us feel so welcome.”