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The Turf landlord’s charity gesture praised

A “great” charity act has been declared by the landlord of the renowned Turf Hotel in the lead-up to Christmas.

The Wrexham Foodbank and other deserving neighbourhood initiatives will get all proceeds from the pub’s food truck between December 19 and December 24, as well as tips and donations, according to Wayne Jones’ announcement.

He said: “Sadly, we will not be opening this year to feed the homeless.

“However, I will be donating my entire week’s profits from Monday, December 19 to December 24 (from the food van) to Wrexham Foodbank and other local charities. Anyone wishing to donate and help is very welcome too.

“Times seem bleak at the moment so it’s vital we all stick together and do what we can.”

On Monday morning, Wayne posted a subsequent tweet saying he has had an “overwhelming response” to the appeal.

“I am certain the foodbank are so grateful. Just for clarity we will be donating 100 per cent of our food van profits along with any tips and donations made directly to us. This will be a very valuable amount to Wrexham Foodbank. Diolch”. 

People were quick to praise Wayne for the gesture. 

One person tweeted: “What a gesture this is.”

Another added: “What a wonderful thing to do.”

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You can donate to Wrexham Foodbank at wrexham.foodbank.org.uk/give-help/donate-money/