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Tributes for community super-star

Pat Inglis: A community champion!
Pat Inglis: A community champion!
Pat Inglis: A community champion!

66 YEAR-OLD Patricia Inglis (Pat) who was known to many for the time she pledged into the local community sadly died after a battle with lung cancer at Prince Philip Hospital on April 10.

Pat was chairman of the Penyfan Llwynwhilwg Tenants and Redidents’ Association, she was widely respected for the work and time that she pledged to the community. As well as running parties, youth clubs and Communities First outreach meetings, Pat also had a big part in gaining the funding for the splash and play are at Penyfan Park.

David Skivington, Pats sidekick in voluntary work has paid tribute to the community super star: “She will be much missed by the community, she has been brilliant as a partner, and has been my rock.

Mr Skivington continued: “Pat couldn’t say no to anybody, she was so very, very helpful. She had a famous saying, which was ‘get a grip’, but she would still help them.”

He concluded saying: “I don’t think I will ever find another chairman like Pat because she put her heart into the community — she was well respected by everybody.”

Pat’s daughter, Donna Davies has also paid tribute by saying: “She would do things all the time for the community. She was happy-go-lucky, would always do for others before herself, and would always stand up for what she believed in. Even when she was ill, she would still go up to the Portakabins, in Penyfan, and do the coffee mornings.”

The local comprehensive school allowed time off for pupils to attend the funeral service which was held on Wednesday (Apr 22) at Llanelli Crematorium.