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Volunteers record important donations

Sue Carr: Has listed well over 500 donations
Sue Carr: Has listed well over 500 donations
Sue Carr: Has listed well over 500

VOLUNTEERS with the Sunderland Trust are making great inroads into recording donations of historic artefacts to the Pembroke Dock Archive and books for the library at the town’s Heritage Centre. Julie Hawley of Neyland, a regular Tuesday Volunteer, is using her professional bookkeeping skills to list the ever growing number of books for the library at the centre, in the Royal Dockyard Chapel.

Recently Julie logged in the 2,000th library book and appropriately it was one which has a special significance and connection with Pembroke Dock’s fine maritime story. The milestone book is ‘Jane’s Fighting Ships 1905/06’, which details many warships built at Pembroke Dockyard. Books continue to be donated, adding to what is already a very important collection and Julie is now well on the way to recording the next few hundred.

Equally industrious is Sue Carr of Pembroke, who is listing donations and loans of items for the Centre’s Archive. Sue normally volunteers on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is one of several volunteers tackling many individual projects under the archive banner.

To date, Sue has listed well over 500 donations or loans of historic artefacts and items, widely ranging from photographs and documents to medals, uniforms, aircraft instruments and maritime objects. Sue has come across many very special items, like a German World War I bracelet among a collection of military badges and a Christmas tin from the same conflict. The first 500 plus is just the start as Sue and colleagues are working their way through a backlog of items. Both the Archive and the Library at the Heritage Centre are already proving very important sources for research and documentation of the fine history of Pembroke Dock and its many tangents.