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Youth Council are ‘vitally important’

Carmarthenshire Youth Council’s AGM: The young people shared their views with senior officers from the council
Carmarthenshire Youth Council’s AGM: The young people shared their views with senior officers from the council

CARMARTHENSHIRE’S young people were given an opportunity to get their voices heard at the Youth Council’s Annual General Meeting.

The young people shared their views and voiced their opinions on various issues with senior officers from the County Council’s Education and Children’s Services directorate.

Council Leader Councillor Emlyn Dole presented Millennium Volunteer certificates to some of the young people present and Rob Sully, Director of Education and Children’s Services, handed out Young People’s Participation certificates to Carmarthenshire Youth Council (CYC) members present.

Over the past 12 months, the CYC have been looking at relevant subjects such as bullying, domestic abuse and voting at 16.

14-year-old Alisha Gibbons also recently represented Carmarthenshire at the House of Commons, debating issues which affect young people in Carmarthenshire and across the whole of Wales.

The AGM, which took place in the Chambers at County Hall, saw young people being elected to fill the positions of power.

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These included Brittany Alsop- Bingham being elected as Chair, Bobby Lewis as Vice-Chair, Alisha Gibbons being re-elected to represent Carmarthenshire as a UK Youth Parliament candidate, Gwen Griffiths being elected to be Communications Officer and Harriet Alsop-Bingham as Secretary.

18-year-old Chair Brittany Alsop- Bingham said: “It’s been a really busy year for us and we are proud of the work we have achieved. We hope to continue our good work in the future.

“I hope that in 2016, Carmarthenshire Youth Council can rise to the challenge of becoming an all-inclusive voice for young people in our county and make a real difference for young people’s lives.”

Speaking at the meeting was Councillor Gareth Jones, Executive Board Member for Education and Children’s Services.

Praising the work of the Youth Council, Cllr Jones said: “The Youth Council are a credit to Carmarthenshire. I would like to pay tribute to these young people who are prepared to stand up and give the youth of our county a voice.

“It is vitally important that we listen to their views and consider them when takinga decisions that affect the future of Carmarthenshire.”

Carmarthenshire Youth Council are a group of young people aged between 11 and 25 who take on the responsibility of acting as the voice for youngsters across the country. New members are always welcome and more information can be found on their website.