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Amazon wishes its Strongest Man Good Luck ahead of Wales event

Amazon DBS3 Strongman Luke Sperduti,.

AMAZON has wished a staff member Good Luck as he prepares to compete in Wales’ Strongest Man this weekend.

Luke Sperduti, from Newport, is in Prime condition ahead of the event in Cardiff on July 17.

The 25-year-old joined one of Amazon’s two delivery stations in Bristol as an associate in 2020, before progressing to Operations Specialist last September.

Before that he spent nearly five years in the Royal Engineers, where he started to train and develop a keen interest in Strongman competitions.

Amazon DBS3 Strongman Luke Sperduti, lifting his shift manager, Jess Lawrence.

Luke said: “I’ve had a huge passion for Strongman for a long time and I made a decision a few years ago to be the strongest I could possibly be.

“In the army I trained all the time and when I left I knew exactly what I needed to do to compete in these events.

“It’s such a big part of my life and I want to thank my teammates at Amazon for their support and for helping me eat everything I need to at break times!”

When Luke gets up at 04:30 he eats four pancakes and two bananas, followed by a pre-prepared 1000 calorie meal a few hours later. For lunch it’s another 1000 calorie meal, followed by apples and bananas.

Amazon DBS3 Strongman Luke Sperduti,.

In the evening, after a strict training regime, it’s a 1000 calorie protein shake and a steak, followed by at least one bowl of rice pudding.

Delivery Station Manager, Nina Clarkson, said: “Luke’s a very big part of our team, literally! He’s clearly already Amazon UK’s Strongest Man and we wish him all the very best of luck for this competition.

“His commitment and determination to his work here is obviously reflected in his passion for Strongman competitions as well.

“The whole team sees the effort he puts in every day and I’ve got my fingers crossed for the big event. Good Luck, Luke!”