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Carwyn Jones joins Business News Wales

THE INDEPENDENT business to business news platform, Business News Wales, has appointed former First Minister of Wales Carwyn Jones in a strategic move to boost its senior advisory team.
Launched in 2015, Business News Wales has become a trusted source of business to business online news across all sectors and regions of Wales, providing an independent forum for owners, organisations and business support functions to share content and learn about business activities across Wales. Managing director, Mark Powney, who has more than two decades experience with using editorial and promoted content marketing to help businesses reach their audiences, explained why he was excited to welcome Mr Jones to the business.

He said: “Carwyn has achieved a great deal as an Assembly Member, Cabinet Member and First Minister of Wales.
“His focus is to help us engage more effectively with the business community and to strengthen our ability to act as Wales’ leading independent source of business news, information and insight.”

The business is about to embark on a major regional and industry scale up and Carwyn will naturally be a great addition to the team.”
Business News Wales combines non-political editorial news content and insight with a range of opportunities for businesses to raise their profile through promoted content, video and podcasts, and advertising. The portal also publishes a daily newsletter to more than 20,000 subscribers.

Carwyn Jones spoke of his new role, saying: “What attracted me to Business News Wales was the ambitious growth plan that exists within the company. I think there are some great opportunities and a gap in the market for the dissemination of business news across Wales. There are lots of businesses that want to know what is happening in their area, within their own industry and across the country as a whole. Business News Wales is a great channel to meet those needs.

“My role is to help further embed Business News Wales as the go-to company for business information and news across Wales. One of the problems we have had historically is that people get their information from sources outside of Wales. The more connected we are the more connected business are the more efficient will be the functioning of the economy.
If you’re an investor in Wales, it is essential that you have solid information about what Wales can offer and indeed already offers, and Business News Wales is sharing those business insights at a sectorial and regional level.”