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Evaluation of Economic Resilience Fund (ERF) support for businesses in Wales

WELSH GOVERNMENT is currently undertaking an evaluation of its COVID-19 Economic Resilience Fund (ERF) and related support packages, which were introduced to provide financial assistance to businesses and other organisations during the pandemic.

It is vitally important that Welsh Government understands the impacts of this support and is able to assess how far it has assisted business survival and recovery prospects. The findings of this research will be critical in ensuring that any ongoing or future support is delivered as effectively as possible, to better support Wales’s economic recovery from the pandemic.

As your business received a grant under Phase 1 of the Welsh Government’s Economic Resilience Fund (ERF), in April / May 2020, we would very much appreciate it if you could answer some questions about the impacts of this funding and of the pandemic on your business in general.

Please visit www.opinionresearch.co.uk/ERF to take part.

The questionnaire asks how your business has used the funding it received, along with questions designed to assess the impacts of the pandemic on your business (for example, turnover and staffing levels before and during the pandemic), so you may find it helpful to collate some of the information before taking part – however all of the questions are optional.

All data gathered through this research will be reported in an anonymised format. It will not contain your contact details and any identifiable information in open-ended answers will be removed. Your business will not be identified in this anonymised data set. 

For more information, please see Welsh Government’s project privacy notice and www.ors.org.uk/privacy

We very much hope that you will agree to take part in this important study. Please note this is a separate and different survey to the formal questionnaire(s) you will receive as part of formal Post Completion Monitoring activity. This particular survey is to ascertain the impact the grant you have received has had on your business.

For more information about why the research is important and/or to access relevant privacy notices for the project, please visit:

https://businesswales.gov.wales/evaluation-covid-related-support-welsh-businesses. You can also contact [email protected] for further information.