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Pembrokeshire’s Best is back for 2022!

OFTEN imitated but never replicated, Pembrokeshire’s Best Magazine is back for Spring 2022.

Readers can expect a full colour, glossy magazine full of quality local content that, we hope, appeals to all the people of Pembrokeshire and, just like the name suggests, promotes the very best that our glorious county has to offer to residents and visitors alike.

Originally posted through the doors of homes and businesses across the county monthly, Pembrokeshire’s Best will now be found in countless businesses across Pembrokeshire where it can be picked up for free every quarter and it will also be inserted inside The Pembrokeshire Herald.

With new editions coming every quarter, the new look Pembrokeshire’s Best will, just like Pembrokeshire itself, have a new look every season and be packed with articles to help you stay up-to-date with events, news and views from across the county.

Thomas Sinclair, original editor of Pembrokeshire’s Best, is back for the new editions and told us: “I’m so excited to bring back the mag that started it all, Pembrokeshire’s Best readers learned about countless issues affecting them in its pages long before we even dreamt of a newspaper. 

“It was stories like ‘The Baron of the Bed-Sits’ that helped me realise that Pembrokeshire sorely needed an independent voice of its own and it was an easy decision to bring it back.

Pembrokeshire’s Best cover for Spring 2022

“I can’t wait to see where the magazine goes from here now the wheels are rolling. The feedback we’ve had from local advertisers and members of the public shows that they too believe that Pembrokeshire needs a dynamic magazine that encompasses all that our vibrant county is instead of several, well-meaning, publications that focus solely on small parts of it. 

“Pembrokeshire is so much more than just beautiful views, kicking a ball or award-winning beaches, and we hope we can help promote the yoga teachers, the home-bakers, the wax melt-ers, the shop owners and offer a true reflection of life and living in our county in the 21st century.”

With the first issue due out within the next 6 weeks, it’s an exciting time for Pembrokeshire. Welcome back Best, we’ve missed you.