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Leading Wales retailer backs NSPCC campaign to help spot signs of abuse

ONE OF WALES’ leading independent retailers is supporting an NSPCC campaign which helps adults know what to do if they are concerned about a child.

South Wales-based retailer Leekes is encouraging community groups, businesses and organisations to take part in the NSPCC’s Listen up Speak up campaign.

The campaign, which has been launched in Welsh and English, aims to help the public understand the signs a child may be at risk and the steps to take through workshops and online training.

More than a quarter of adults (29%) in Wales say they have had concerns a child may be experiencing abuse or neglect, according to data released by the NSPCC.

The YouGov survey of 3,999 adults across the UK, including 181 in Wales, also revealed that one in five UK adults who have had a concern did not take action.  

Members of NSPCC Cymru’s Fundraising Board – including Emma Leek, Managing Director at Leekes Retail – took part in a workshop last week where they were advised about some of the signs a child might be at risk, how to approach difficult conversations and who to contact if they are concerned about a child or their family.

Emma said: “Listen up Speak up is a really important campaign being run by the NSPCC.

“It helps people to spot the signs of abuse and how to speak up, meaning more children will be kept safe.

“The workshop provided by NSPCC Cymru was incredibly valuable and I would encourage any community groups, organisations, businesses and schools to take part.

“We all have a role to play in keeping children safe.”

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The campaign, which was piloted in Newport last year, is now fully bilingual and includes workshops and online resources in Welsh.

The workshops are being provided face-to-face and online and people can also complete a 10-minute digital training session. 

Lili Dunn, Local Campaigns Manager at NSPCC Cymru, said: “We believe that everyone can play a part in keeping children safe, if equipped with the knowledge of what to do when concerned a child is at risk.

“This can range from practically supporting a family, being a listening ear or letting someone know about your concerns, such as a parent, a safeguarding lead for a sports club, or even contacting the NSPCC Helpline.

“We are really keen to reach as many people as possible through our workshops and would love to hear from any community groups, businesses or organisations that would like to host one.”

Other members of the board who took part in the workshop included Mike Parfitt, CEO and Founder of Team Metalogic Ltd, one of Wales’ leading managed IT service providers and Lisa Love-Gould, who was part of the team delivering the Covid vaccination programme for vulnerable patients and staff in Velindre Cancer Centre.

Hywel Peterson, Chairman of the fundraising board, added: “This training is vital to help everyone know what to do if they have a concern, and it will help keep more children safe from abuse and neglect.

“By hosting a workshop or completing the 10-minute digital training, we can all benefit from taking part.”

To find out more and sign up for online training, visit the NSPCCC Speakup webpage or here for the bilingual version. To host a workshop, email [email protected].