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Dealer ‘Fat Gav’ caught after messages were found on customer’s phone

Gavin Emmett, 31, of Abertillery, sent out many “text bombs” advertising drugs and offered three different kinds of cannabis.

Text messages uncovered on a customer’s phone led to the discovery of “fat Gav,” a cannabis dealer. He sold three different cannabis strains and routinely sent “text bombs” promoting narcotics.

After being confiscated by law enforcement, Samantha Greville’s phone contained messages from Gavin Emmett, 31. The defendant was apprehended at his Blaenau Gwent, Abertillery, residence after they were able to track down his phone number.

Emmett was also discovered to be in possession of £7,000 in cash, the Cardiff Crown Court heard at a sentencing hearing on Thursday. His phone was taken by police, who then downloaded the data for analysis.

On March 25, Emmett sent messages to clients claiming to have several cannabis strains for sale as “ammo” and “AK47s.” In ounces, he was selling marijuana. Further texts from the defendant in April included drug sale arrangements and text bombs. Eight ounces was the most Emmett ever sold.

According to message computation, defendant had a sizable customer base, was running a “on tick” system, and was able to offer several cannabis strains, according to prosecutor Jeffrey Jones.

Emmett, of High Street, Six Bells, entered a guilty plea to possession of illicit property and conspiracy to supply class B narcotics. He was on a licence when he was arrested for the current offence, according to the court, and had previously been found guilty of possessing class B drugs with the intent to supply.

In order to lessen the damage, the court was informed that the defendant’s partner had breast cancer and needed help taking care of her and her grandchildren. He had long been a drug user and started dealing in an effort to support his addiction and make some additional cash.

Emmett will serve half of his 16-month term in jail before being released on a licence, according to Recorder Andrew Hammond.